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Divya Prakash

An Author who contemplates on ancient stories and pen down in the best way for generations to come.

Divine Publication is not just a Publishing House but a carrier of an authentic publishing wave  dedicated to bringing  transparency and authentication in publishing .
We have pledged to create a legacy of excellence in authentication for publishers.  We strive to be the bridge between authors and readers.
At Divine Publication  we offer authors not just a publishing platform, but a supportive community. Our experienced team of editors, designers, and marketing experts work tirelessly to bring each book to its fullest potential with 100% authentication and transparency .
Divya Prakash Srivastava, the founder of this publication founded this with an ambition to help Authors in getting their books published with Ease, Transparency and Authentication. He endeavoured to get an easily accessible platform for writers.

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The mission of a publishing house typically revolves around the creation, promotion, and distribution of written and visual content. Divine Publication was founded with the mission to solve the complexities of authors in terms of authenticity.
It includes the following:

Preserving Authentication

Divine Publishing House focuses on preserving cultural, historical, or scientific knowledge, but it emphasises mostly authenticity and ease. Our mission is to carry out the entire process with transparency so that the author faces zero inconvenience.

Empathise with Authors

We want to create a platform where authors can reliably come for publishing. Our aim is to create a trustworthy environment where authors can get the right piece of information.

Promoting Transparency

Our publication wants to support and promote both transparency and ease of communication. Here, Authors can get exact information about the status of their book's publication and marketing.

Publishing High-Quality Content

To promote ease of readership, we need to emphasize publications with good-quality content. Divine Publication has taken responsibility for producing and publishing books, magazines, or digital content that meets certain quality standards.

Social Responsibility

Our publication wants to support and promote both transparency and ease of communication. Here, authors can get exact information about the status of their book's publication and marketing.



Divine Publication works with the vision to create a difference in the field of publication.  Here are some visions with which we are working

Build a strong opportunity for readers, authors, and supporters. We want to create an environment where every author can dream of publishing their books without struggle. 

Divine Publication  plays a role in preserving and promoting cultural heritage and history through publications.

Accept diverse voices and perspectives in literature and media. We believe every author has a different voice, and they should get the opportunity to reach readers.

Promote an accessible and communicable environment where authors can get their desired queries.

Our vision is to lead in embracing new styles of literature.  We want to welcome every innovative format in publishing.

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