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Unlock Your Author Success with Divine Publication: Your Path to Bestseller Status!

Embarking on a literary journey is a thrilling adventure, and Divine Publication is here to guide you every step of the way. With our commitment to authors’ success, we offer a range of plans designed to meet your unique needs and elevate your writing career.

Choosing the Best Plan: A Path to Bestseller Status

1. Basic Package Inclusions: Divine Light

  • Manuscript Editing Assistance
  • Custom Book Cover Design
  • Grammatical Correction & Editing
  • Paperback and E-Book Listings
  • Free Book Copies
  • Author Certificate
  • ¬†Wide-Range Ad Campaign

Benefit: A foundational plan providing essential support for aspiring authors.

2. Expert Assistance on Manuscript Content: Divine Power

  • All Features of Divine Light
  • ¬†Listing on Multiple Platforms
  • Transfer of Credentials
  • ¬†10 Book Copies (Rs 50 each)
  • ¬†Social Media Development
  • ¬†Online Awareness Campaign
  • 1-page Page development

Benefit: manuscript excellence with broader visibility and online presence.

3. Expert Assistance on Marketing and Promotion: Divine Passion

  • All Features of Divine Power
  • Book Review and Fare Invitation
  • Writing and Publication Coaching
  • Video Shoot and Sponsored Ad Campaign
  • YouTube Video Publishing
  • Feature on Divine Publication Social Media Page

Benefit: Comprehensive support for crafting your book and marketing it effectively.

4. Optimal Success with Optimum Cost: Divine Path

  • Tailored Plans: Divine Target, Divine Knowledge, Divine Celebration
  • ¬†Meetings with Writing and Marketing Experts
  • Training, Tests, and Certifications
  • Targeted and Wider Ad Campaigns
  • Award Functions and Third-Party Invitations
  • 1 Year Server and Domain Registration
  • GST Account for Author Entrepreneurship

Benefit: Choose the plan that aligns with your goals for success at an optimum cost.

5. Defining Success: Money or Fame?

Ask yourself what success means to you. Divine Publication stands by your definition, whether it’s financial gain or widespread recognition. Our plans are designed to support your unique vision of success.

6. Am I an experienced writer?

Whether you’re a seasoned author or just starting, Divine Publication caters to writers of all levels. Our plans offer the necessary guidance to refine your skills and amplify your success.

7. Crafting a Quality End Product

With Divine Publication’s expert assistance, your manuscript transforms into a high-quality end product. From editing to marketing, we ensure your book shines in the literary world.

8. Becoming a Bestseller ASAP

Divine Publication remains committed to your success until you become a bestseller. Choose a plan, follow expert guidance, and watch your journey to literary stardom unfold.

Choose divine publication, elevate your writing, and aim for bestseller glory!

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